About Us

Welcome to America’s Route 66 Project Street Team, where passion meets purpose on the iconic open road. We are a diverse group of individuals who found a common bond through the magic of Route 66. What started as a chance encounter on this legendary highway has evolved into a tight-knit community committed to the restoration, beautification, and well-being of everything along and around Route 66.

Preserving History

Welcome to the heart and soul of Route 66 restoration – the Route 66 Street Team! Born out of a shared love for the Mother Road, we are a close-knit group of individuals whose paths converged on the iconic blacktop of Route 66. Bonded by the nostalgia of this historic highway, we’ve united under a common purpose – the restoration, beautification, and well-being of everything that makes Route 66 a living, breathing cultural treasure.

Our Origin Story

Picture this: a chance meeting at a roadside diner, the hum of engines and the distant sound of a classic jukebox filling the air. That’s where the Route 66 Street Team’s journey began. As individuals from different walks of life, we found ourselves drawn together by the magnetic pull of Route 66’s history and the allure of its timeless charm.

Our Mission

At the core of Route 66 Street Team is a shared commitment to breathe new life into the landmarks, businesses, and natural wonders lining this legendary highway. From the neon signs that once lit up the night to the classic motels that hosted countless travelers, we are on a mission to preserve the tangible and intangible treasures of Route 66.

Our multifaceted approach centers on restoration – breathing life back into structures that have weathered the storms of time. But our commitment goes beyond bricks and mortar. We believe in the beautification of Route 66, enhancing its visual appeal through art, landscaping, and community engagement. Moreover, we extend our dedication to the well-being of all living things, recognizing that the road’s magic isn’t just in its architecture but in the ecosystems and communities it connects.

Cindy Salbino
CEO & President
Ray Valles

Vice President

Randy Salbino


Raylene Valles


Join the Street Team Movement

Whether you’re a seasoned Route 66 enthusiast, a local resident wanting to contribute to community betterment, or a traveler passing through, there’s a place for you on the Route 66 Street Team. Become part of our community-driven movement, and let’s work together to ensure that the spirit of Route 66 remains vibrant for generations to come.

As we revitalize and preserve the essence of this historic highway, we invite you to be a part of our story – the story of the Route 66 Street Team, where friendship, passion, and purpose converge on the open road.


If not for the support of many great individuals, businesses, and organizations, our mission would not succeed. Our biggest thanks goes out to them all. Please take a moment to visit their website and show them some love too!

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