Empowering Route 66 Businesses and Organizations Through Volunteering

The Route 66 Street Team is not just a group of enthusiasts – we are a dynamic force ready to lend a helping hand to fellow businesses and organizations along Route 66. Our volunteers bring a diverse range of skills, from hands-on restoration expertise to creative beautification talents. Whether your establishment needs a fresh coat of paint, a mural that tells a story, or a team to organize community events, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to the restoration, beautification, and well-being of Route 66 extends beyond our own projects. We understand the challenges faced by local businesses and organizations, and we’re eager to contribute our time and efforts to support your goals. By partnering with the Route 66 Street Team, you not only receive dedicated volunteers but also become part of a larger community that values collaboration and mutual success.

Whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing collaboration, we invite Route 66 businesses and organizations to reach out and explore the possibilities. Together, let’s amplify the unique charm of Route 66, drive community engagement, and ensure that the businesses and organizations along the Mother Road thrive as vibrant contributors to this historic highway’s legacy. Contact us today to discuss how the Route 66 Street Team can tailor its volunteering efforts to meet your specific needs and aspirations.

Criteria for Route 66 Assistance

  1. Must be within a one-mile radius of Route 66. Can be either a drivable section or original section of Route 66
  2. Must need or request the help of support maintaining a section of the Route or land around a business or original structure. 
  3. Can request the assistance of maintaining / creating a new structure on the Route if it supports / represents Route 66
  4. Can request personal assistance if they live on the Route either in a home/building or be homeless along the Route. Can include but not be limited to assistance maintaining or improving their home, paying their bills, obtaining basic living necessities to get by. Must prove necessity. (will be strictly confidential)
  5. Can provide assistance with ribbon cutting ceremonies, grand openings, trash pick-up days, car shows, parades, etc.